What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

What are eCONTENT Online Programs?

What is PowerPoint Conversion?

Is it helpful to have an LMS as part of an Audit?

Do we need to buy special software or equipment?

What are the system requirements to run your LMS?

Do I have to send my employees through training to learn how to use the LMS?

Is your LMS easy to access?

Do you provide a free Trial before we make a decision on your LMS?

Can we train employees at multiple locations?


What if we require custom training unique to our casino?

Can your courses be translated into Spanish?

Do you translate to languages other than Spanish?

Are your courses up to date and regulatory compliant?

How many courses can we schedule for our employees?

How many times can an employee take a required course?

Where will our employees find the courses they are required to take?


What administrative privileges will be granted at the Casino level?

How many employees can we sign up for training?

Does Casino Essentials issue certificates for course completion?

Is there a provision in the event an employee is not able to complete a course

in one training session?

Does your CE LMS support any other existing course library platforms?

What kind of reporting capabilities does your LMS have?

Some of our employees are dual-rated or tri-rated into different positions.

Can we place employees into different position classifications for different

training purposes?


We have a trainer on staff; do we really need online training too?

How can the CE LMS make our training more cost effective?

Is online training expensive?

Does the CE LMS make financial sense for a small casino?


What are your hours of operation for Technical Support?



How do we track employee training?

Will we have an opportunity to preview our selected courses prior to the

start of training?

Can we add to our curriculum once we have start training?

How do we get all of our employees into the LMS?

How are training groups created?

What if someone changes positions within the casino?

What happens when an employee is terminated?