Online Courses

Compliance, leadership & Safety through Online learning.

LMS Platform

Compliance through cloud training, testing and tracking.

AML Certification

Compliance through our AML Certification Program.


Compliance through conferences, seminars & workshops.

Need an easy to use LMS you can count on? Look no further!

Casino Essentials offers a powerful and ease to use, web platform LMS which suits both Casinos & Card Clubs. Train, Test and Track all your staff  in no time  with minimal effort.

Why choose us?

  • Train 24/7 Via Your Own Custom Web Portal
  • Track Classroom & Online Training With Ease
  • Report Real Time Training Status
  • Access Training that Complies with Federal Requirements
  • Interactive Courses in Casino Environments
  • Best Support Money Can Buy
  • Multilingual Course Options
  • and Much More!