The Industry’s Leading eLearning Provider

Train employees, test their knowledge, track their progress, review reports, and print certificates of completion all from one place. More than 350 casinos use our training platform to save thousands of dollars in expenses while reducing the risk of fines and penalties.


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Training In One Location

Store all your training records in one place. Use CELEXA™ to track classroom training in addition to online training.

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Certificates of Completion

Print Employee Completion Certificates to display their achievements.

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Create Reports

Easily create reports that track your company’s compliance.
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Message Your Employees

Real-time message integration instantly informs learners, trainers and supervisors of events such as overdue or failed courses.

Transform Your PowerPoints To Our LMS

Place your internal classroom training online! Convert your old PowerPoint presentations and make them new again with Casino Essentials’ modern design aesthetic. We will enhance your existing presentations by adding navigation buttons and menu items, professional narration, online knowledge assessments, and the ability to track and report employee progress.

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Convert Your Paper Policies Online

Casino Essentials can automate the memo and policy review and acknowledgment process. If you need to issue a memo about a policy change, require the review of a policy, or perhaps a reminder memo for staff, we can help. Casino Essentials will securely place your memo online and attach it to all job positions and departments that you require viewing and acknowledgment.

After the employee reads the memo, they will click to submit an electronic acknowledgment. You will have full access to track the electronic acknowledgment of your memo; including the date and time it was viewed. In addition, you can quickly find out who has not viewed the memo and contact them right away!