The Ultimate Mobile App for Mandatory Checks

Introducing Vector Check It, a mighty new application from Vector Solutions for inspections and checklists.

This new technology gives leadership in each department the ability to streamline new sanitation checks and provides a property-wide overview of the sanitation status throughout the day. From Tables, to Slot Machines, Cashier windows, and ticketing kiosks, there are custom sanitation needs everywhere and Vector Check It can help.


Equipment Tracking

Maintain your equipment in working order and ensure regulations and compliance inspections.

Inventory Management

Track costs and quantities in your stock and supplies while easily modifying your storage and current inventory.

Facilities Management

Easily perform facilities checks with an easy-to-use mobile app in an efficient and accessible manner.

Robust Reports

Quickly run and easily recall reports so you don’t have to go through stacks of paper. Use data to optimize efficiency for maximum success.