Manage Safety Data with Confidence

Vector EHS is an all-in-one safety management solution for casinos to stay ahead of incidents and keep their personnel safe. Report an incident the moment it occurs using the mobile application. Track important details with customizable incident forms and easily conduct comprehensive incident investigations. Create OSHA recordkeeping logs with just a few clicks. Maintain records of COVID-19 exposures and immunizations, so when your casino needs to recall employee data, information is accurate and readily available.


Submit Daily Health Checks

Using a web link specific to your organization, employees will enter some basic information and respond to a few quick “yes or no” questions. These questions follow the employee health check guidelines for COVID-19 set by the CDC.

Easy to Read Reports

Managers and administrators will have the ability to view the most current data on submitted health checks. Be able to quickly identify employees who are not ready to return to work and make operational adjustments accordingly.