A Better Way to Manage Your Workforce

Casino Essentials, the leading e-learning provider for the Gaming Industry has joined forces with Vector Solutions’ CrewSense for employee scheduling.

The most comprehensive and dynamic workforce management and employee scheduling solutions for the gaming industry.


Absence Management

Automate the filling of open shifts and hiring with intelligent rules that ensure open positions are filled by qualified individuals and distributed fairly.

Line Scheduling

Powerful, yet fully customizable features allow you to take on the most complicated organizational tasks and meet your organization’s staffing needs with ease.

Secure & Reliable

Vector Scheduling is a cloud hosted application with no onsite hardware required. Full telecommunications are included at no additional cost. This includes unlimited inbound and outbound phone calling, text messaging, and mobile app alerts.

Employee Access

Employees can view their work schedules from anywhere, submit availability and indicate their interest in open positions.

Line / Shift Scheduling

More than ever, schedules are not always predictable; and staffing changes can occur at a moment’s notice. Shifts may have to be staggered to limit traffic and preshift meetings.

Easily schedule employees online, from anywhere, and say goodbye to time consuming spreadsheets.

Alert all of your employees that match qualification – quickly – and watch in real time as your employees respond to the system. Turning a daunting task into a simple endeavor.

Automate your Open-Shift hiring policies

Employees will no longer complain they “never received a call” or aren’t being treated fairly for extra shifts using the Vector Scheduling ‘CallBack’ system. Fill your open shifts fast and efficiently using our proprietary overtime management system. Last minute call-off’s? No problem. Vector Scheduling can quickly fill open shifts in minutes using advanced logic and full telecommuncations (IVR, SMS, Push).

Implement your organization’s rules and policies and the system will follows those, fairly and equitably, each and every time an open position is sent out. Detailed record logs are kept for every ‘CallBack’, allowing employees to quickly see their rankings, responses, notification methods, etc! Employee start and end positions are also shown, allowing employees to quickly determine why they were or werent offered extra work shifts.