Casino Essentials delivers more than 150 engaging online training courses, including Title 31, Responsible Gaming, Sexual Harassment Prevention, and a full Coronavirus series focused to get your employees back to work safely. All online training courses are customized to meet Casino compliance requirements and regularly updated to ensure compliance with Federal regulations.


Brought to you by Casino Essentials’ parent company, Vector Solutions, Vector Check It revolutionizes casino cleanliness inspections and checklists. Manage facility and equipment sanitation checks with this dynamic mobile application to keep your employees back to work safely. From tables, to slots, to cashier window, customizable sanitation checks help your casino complies with mandated requirements and functioning properly.


This all-in-one safety management solution is built to help casinos stay ahead of incidents and keep personnel safe. Quickly and easily complete employee health checks, track exposure, and report an incident the moment it occurs using the mobile application. Maintain records of COVID-19 exposures and immunizations, so when your casino needs to recall employee data, information is accurate and readily available.


Streamline employee scheduling, on-call management, employee recalls, shift trading, reporting, analytics and more. With Vector Scheduling, you can manage your workforce in a high-paced environment. Powerful, yet fully customizable features allow you to take on the most complicated organizational tasks and meet your organization’s staffing needs with ease.